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Nhập khẩu thép cao cấp ,  

imported high-grade steel

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Imported steel is an important source of materials in modern construction technology, so it is impossible to let unqualified steel source enter the doorstep from China, this is the reason State management agencies have to “tighten” more. conditions for imported steel products that have shown signs of “standard wriggle” in recent years,

Imported steel products must be assessed for compliance with announced applicable standards by a designated conformity assessment organization.

When circulating in the market, the importing enterprise must announce the applicable standards that must not be lower than the prescribed national standard (TCVN) together with the latest steel pipe quotes, and always update the table. prices for customers to capture prices fastest

Table of standard seamless steel pipe

As imported high-grade steel professionally serving the construction industry, Bao Tin Steel Company always keeps the standards, formats and standards of API 5L, ASTM A106 GrB standard steel pipes. SCH40 SCH80 SCH160 and all kinds of fittings, these are often clearly shown in the standard seamless steel pipe  table, of Bao Tin steel importer.

Below is API 5L, ASTM A106 GrB standard steel pipe standard table with thickness according to SCH10 SCH20 SCH30 STD SCH40 SCH60 XS SCH80 SCH120 SCH160 XXS.


Nhập khẩu thép cao cấp ,  Importing high-grade steel of various kinds of steel pipes,

Cast steel pipes include the following types:

Specification of cast steel pipe:

  • DN15 – DN800 x SCH 10
  • DN15 – DN800 x SCH 30
  • DN15 – DN800 x STD
  • DN15 – DN800 x SCH 40
  • DN200 – DN600 x SCH 60
  • DN15 – DN800 x XS
  • DN15 – DN600 x SCH 80
  • DN100 – DN600 x SCH 120
  • DN15 – DN600 x SCH 160
  • DN15 – DN300 x XXS

Above is a table of steel pipe standards in accordance with API 5L and ASTM A106 Gr B standards. If customers are interested in all kinds of steel products, customers will understand the price list in each category including small details such as Inox valves we still have the stainless steel valve price list, to create the most easy conditions for customers to choose products …


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