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How to distinguish hot dip galvanized steel and products made from corrugated iron

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How to distinguish hot dip galvanized steel

In the process of serving customers, we receive many questions from customers that: hot-dip galvanized steel, and galvanized steel products are different?

In this article, we will analyze briefly so that you can distinguish these 2 types of goods, to avoid confusion when buying products.

Hot dip galvanized steel

– Normally, all kinds of steel pipes, box steels, U-I-V-H shaped steels, steel sheets, etc., when rolled out, are black steel (dark blue, or black – the color of steel).

– However, to protect the product from rust in the long term, we will coat the surface of the product with zinc, by dipping them in the molten galvanized furnace in the plating bath. with very high temperatures, immerse them in the plating bath for sufficient time to allow the zinc to adhere to the surface of the product in an adequate amount according to ASTM A123 – standard galvanized. (Hot dip process includes: surface treatment of products – dip zinc – clean surface of products).

– After the product has been hot dip galvanized, the surface of the product has a bright color of zinc (almost like silver, so long rain or moist air will turn white, or slightly dark).

– Products that are dipped in zinc will have a much higher durability than products that are not dipped in zinc, or electrolytic galvanized.

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Products made from corrugated iron

– Characteristics of these products are rolled, produced from embryos are zinc corrugated. It means that there is a certain concentration of zinc in the raw material (usually Zn = 8, 10, 12, 18 or depending on the type and standard of each product).

– The thickness of these products is usually thin (less than 2ly) – however in Bao Tin Steel, they have zinc corrugated products up to 3ly thick – this will make the product cost a significant savings for customers.

– The durability of products made from zinc sheet is also very high (except for saltwater, chemicals or too harsh environment).

– Surface color of shiny product (same as hot dip zinc product).

Which one is cheaper

In terms of price: zinc corrugated iron is cheaper than hot dip galvanized steel.

In addition, cold galvanized products (zinc), the price is even cheaper, but after a while, the zinc layer on the surface of the product is very easy to peel off, causing the product to rust. fast. This product is often used if there is an extra layer of anti-rust paint on the outside.

Therefore, we recommend that you use one of the two products: hot dip zinc or rolled steel sheet.

Wishing you always healthy and successful!

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