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Catalogue Việt Đức newest steel pipe

Bao Tin Steel Company is a professional distributor, specializing in supply high-quality pipes, especially Viet Duc, Hoa Phat, SeAH, Maruichi Sunsteel galvanized steel pipes… Tải về: Download Catalogue Ống thép Việt Đức 2017 Some products manufactured by Viet Duc include: Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe Standard BS1387-1985; ASTM A53. Diameter: from...
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MECH threaded accessories catalog

We specialize in providing MECH galvanized thread fittings – imported from China. This is a product line of medium quality, often selected for construction of water systems, fire protection … Products include: – Thread Elbow, Reduce Elbow, short elbow – Reduce Thread tee – Thread Reducer – thread bush –...
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Bao Tin Steel – Vietnam Cambodia

Bao Tin Steel Catalog – a professional supplier of steel products such as: steel pipe, tube steel, U-I-V-H shaped steel, steel plates, fire protection supplies, threaded fittings, welding accessories … Bao Tin Steel also has a branch in Cambodia, so if you want to buy products in Cambodia, please contact...
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FKK welding accessories catalogue (Japan)

If you need of FKK welding accessories (Japan) and need a catalogue to submit to the investors, or research, please download here: Click to download >>> Download Catalogue FKK welding accessories (Japan) FKK Vietnam – Furubayashi Kogyo Kabushikigaisya Vietnam has a parent company located a factory in Japan with a history...
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Catalogue of brass valves MIHA MBV MI

Which valve is produced by MIHA MBV MI threaded valve? Minh Hoa is one of the rare companies directly manufacturing and assembling brass valves in Vietnam. Some brands of Minh Hoa include MIHA, MBV, MI, Tura … Minh Hoa is a manufacturer of valves, taps and fittings made of brass,...
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Catalogue of Hoa Phat steel pipes

Where to download the catalogue of Hoa Phat steel pipes? Hoa Phat Group is one of the manufacturers of black steel pipe, tube steel, galvanized steel pipe, galvanized box … with guaranteed quality, reasonable price in Vietnam. If you are interest of HP galvanized steel pipe and need a catalogue...
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Catalogue of Siam Thai Thread accessories

Siam Thailand Thread accessories Bao Tin Steel is a representative in Vietnam importing and distributing high-class Siam galvanized lace fittings made in Thailand. SIAM FITTINGS’s products are full of prestigious certificates of international organizations such as UL, FM, JAB, PSB, ISO 9001: 2008 … SA – Thailand threaded fittings are...
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bảng giá phụ kiện jinil bend vina

Catalogue Jinil Bend Vina welded fitting (Korea)

Jinil Bend Vina welded fitting If you are interest of Jinil Bend Vina welding accessories and need a Catalogue to submit to the investors, or research, please download here: Download here >>> Catalogue Jinil Bend Vina welded fitting (Korea) Jinil Bend Vina is a professional manufacturer of steel pipe fittings...
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seah steel pipe

SeAH Vina Steel Pipe Catalogue

Download the catalog of SeAH steel pipes, a leading Vietnamese brand in manufacturing high quality steel pipes. SeAH factory is located in Bien Hoa Industrial Zone and Nhon Trach Industrial Zone – Dong Nai. Materials steel are imported from Korea, a team of experts as well as advanced machinery and...
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