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thép hôp 20x100

Steel square 20x100mm

Bao Tin Steel specializes in providing special specification steel square, large rectangular steel and thickness . The following is the...
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thép hộp vuông 60x60x3.5

Steel Square 60x60x3.5mm

Specializing in providing all kinds of steel square , super-thick rectangular steel that the market does not have: Square boxes...
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thép hộp cỡ lớn

Large steel square

Bao Tin Steel specializes in manufacturing and importing large steel square , from 100x100mm to 400x400mm with a thickness of...
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thép hộp đen size lớn

Black steel square

TABLE OF SPECIFICATIONS, WEIGHT OF STEEL SQUARE  AND RECTANGULAR (Types: black  steel square, galvanized steel square, hot dip galvanized steel...
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