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Cast Steel Pipes

Cast Steel Pipes – Things to know before buying

Cast Steel Pipes – Things to know before buying Bao Tin Steel Company specializes in importing and distributing high quality steel pipes. We sincerely show you some necessary information when buying steel pipes. The standards of steel pipes: It’s easy for contractors with long-term experience to know which standards the steel has and...
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Cheap galvanized steel

Cheap galvanized steel box in Long An

What is galvanized steel box? As you all know that, zinc is a metal with special properties, it has the ability to resist heat and corrosion the best and is often used as a protective layer for materials such as: steel, iron. Because of that, it is used to cover...
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Bảng giá đại lý phụ kiện hàng FKK – VIET NAM

Fkk Vietnam accessories agent price list

Bao Tin Steel is a distributor of FKK Vietnam’s welding fittings in Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh. You need the price list of FKK fittings latest, please contact us. Price list of FKK Vietnam welding fittings latest for agents Price list of FKK Vietnam latest for agents, including:...
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van cổng ty chìm và ty nổi

The difference between a gate valve and a floating valve

What is the gate valve? Gate valve , lock valve, two-way valve are type of valve submerged and floating, opening and closing crank like a steering wheel. Valve material can be threaded copper, or cast iron, stainless steel. Intended for liquid flows such as clean water, fire fighting water, chemicals...
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Nhập khẩu thép cao cấp ,  

imported high-grade steel

Imported steel is an important source of materials in modern construction technology, so it is impossible to let unqualified steel source enter the doorstep from China, this is the reason State management agencies have to “tighten” more. conditions for imported steel products that have shown signs of “standard wriggle” in...
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ống thép mạ kẽm Vina

Chemical composition of steel grades

Bao Tin Steel would like to send you the chemical composition table according to popular steel standards On the market today, you can use it for reference and comparison with the material certificates to see if they meet the standards or not. Steel bars for concrete reinforcement Tiêu chuẩn Standard...
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What is ERW steel pipe?

ERW steel pipe is a submerged welded steel pipe, high frequency resistance welding (resistance resistance, the abbreviation for ERW). Submersible welded steel pipe is divided into AC welded steel pipe and DC welded steel pipe. Submerged welded steel pipe is the most advanced and economical steel pipe in the field...
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Seamless steel pipe A106 API 5L

Table of standard seamless steel pipe

Table of standard seamless steel pipe Bao Tin Steel is a professional importer of steel seamless steel pipe API 5L standards, ASTM A106 GrB thick SCH40 SCH80 SCH160 and accessories of all kinds. Below is a table of API 5L, ASTM A106 GrB standard steel pipe with thickness according to...
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post-corona steel market

Steel market will “warm” up after the Corona pandemic?

The corona virus outbreak at the end of 2019 has a strong impact on the global steel market, especially China. Both HR and CR coil prices slumped when production was interrupted, inventories surged, and shipping at ports was delayed. Crude steel production of some countries in January (excluding China). Source:...
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virus corona

What is corona virus?

What is corona virus? AFP news agency quoted experts as saying that many unknowns make it impossible to determine the global impact of the epidemic caused by the new corona virus (2019-nCoV) from Wuhan (China), in which including the mortality rate, the degree of infection from person to person, the...
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Difference in ERW and SAWL steel pipe

ERW and SAWL steel pipe Straight seam welded steel pipe, according to welding process can be divided into high frequency resistance welding (ERW Steel Pipe) and submerged arc welding (SAWL Steel Pipe), longitudinal submerged arc welded is short for SAWL, high-frequency straight seam resistance welding is short for ERW. High...
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ống hộp v inox

The formula for calculating the weight of steel and stainless steel

Do you know the weight calculation formula for steel, stainless steel (stainless steel)? If not, please refer to the following calculation: The formula for calculating the weight The symbols T: Thick; W: Wide; L: Long; A: Edge; A1: Edge 1; A2: Edge 2; I.D: Inside diameter; O.D: Outside diameter; Plate...
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Komax water meter with cast-iron body

Where is Komax water meter made? We are a direct importer of Komax water meters made in Korea (Korea). Products with quality assurance, reasonable price, nice design, full calibration, certification of origin, quality certification. What are Komax water meters? We are importing about many models of water meters, including: Clean...
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Hot dipped galvanized seamless pipe

What kind of galvanized steel pipe are there? Hot dip galvanized seamless pipes are often used for hot steam systems, high-pressure compressed air, boilers, chemicals, etc. Seamless steel pipes come in many types with different sizes, such as: Galvanized seamless steel pipe API 5L Galvanized seamless steel pipe ASTM A106 Gr...
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