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Letter Y Valve – Y strainer valve – Y Strainer – Shin Yi – Taiwan

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Letter Y Valve - Y strainer valve - Y Strainer - Shin Yi - Taiwan

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Bao Tin Steel specializes in providing all kinds of Shin Yi cast iron filters, high quality Shin Yi filters, specialized for fire and water supply.

Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd is an agent, a leading distributor of gate valves, floating valves, countersunk valves, flanged valves, check valves, electric butterfly valves, electric butterfly valves, electric signal gate valves OS&Y valve, y filter valve, float valve, pressure relief valve, safety valve, fire hydrant, fire angle valve, etc.
Our valves are manufactured by Shin Yi (Taiwan) and are used in water works, high-rise buildings, fire protection systems and fire protection systems …

Y-Strainer is used for water supply to screen out debris in building service, water system and general industry application.


– High strength ductile iron body used for durability and less weight.

– The continuous flow lead design allows to minimize the loss of upstream pressure …

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