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Foot valves, suction basket, pump basket, foot valve, cast iron basket

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Foot valves, suction basket, pump basket, foot valve, cast iron basket

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Suction valve (gabion) is a combination valve between a spring one-way valve and garbage filter, installed at the bottom of pump tanks and reservoirs to help to filter garbage and prevent backflow when the pump stops working. The valve operates fully automatically, and is connected to the flange system.


Suction valve is composed of 04 main components: valve body, valve stem, valve leaf and strainer

– Body valve: is cast from FCD450 cast iron bridge, with two sides covered with high grade epoxy paint with thickness ≥300µm

– Valve leaf: a circular disc covered with 100% EPDM rubber in accordance with the standard of clean water

– Ty valve: manufactured from 304 high strength stainless steel against rust.

– Filter: manufactured from 304/316 stainless steel, durable, rust-proof.

Principle of operation:

Suction valve acts as a spring check valve, when the pump operates the water pressure will push the valve leaf, the spring is compressed, the text is in an open state for water to enter the system. The strainer prevents the entry of the system to the valve jam, other accessories leading to water leakage. When the pump stops operating, the suction valve acts to prevent backflow, keeping water in the pipe, avoiding loss of priming water for the pump.


– Automatic operation based on the flow of water, operating smoothly, without making noise.

– Valves are made from cast iron FCD450 cast iron, stainless steel 304/316 against rust, safe for clean water

– Low price, light weight, compact design, less space for installation.

Note when installing:

Suction valve is installed in the flanged system, so when installing, note the following points:

– Gaskets between flanges and valves can be used to increase system tightness.

– The pipe flange size must be identical with the valve flange size.

– Valves are mounted vertically.

Bao Tin Steel is a nationwide distribution agent in Vietnam and Cambodia of high quality Shin Yi valves, 12 month warranty.


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