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Butterfly valve brushed Shin Yi

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Butterfly valve brushed Shin Yi

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Swing valve butterfly valve is a type of valve used to close or open the flow in the pipe by a disc valve leaf is fixed on the valve company squeezed into the rubber ring is prefabricated in the valve body.

Swing butterfly valve is a manual operated butterfly valve, normally used for sizes from DN50 – DN150, which opens and closes quickly and easily through human torque according to the principle of leverage.


The butterfly valve is composed of 05 main components: valve body, gaskets, valve leaf (valve disc), valve stem and lever.

– Body valve: is cast from FCD450 cast iron bridge, the two sides are covered with high grade epoxy paint with thickness ≥300 μm.

– Gaskets: Manufactured from high-strength EPDM rubber, prefabricated fixed to the valve body, in accordance with clean water standards. Resilience of the gasket is a factor that increases valve tightness.

– Valve leaf: circular disc is manufactured from stainless steel CF8 / CF8M, suitable for both clean water and wastewater.

– Ty valve: manufactured from stainless steel 304/316/420, consisting of two upper and lower parts which are fixed to the valve leaf symmetrically vertically.

– Hand lever: manufactured from stainless steel, fixed to the upper body of the valve with bolts and nuts, underneath there are stainless steel tooth discs that help secure the handle after opening and closing.

Mã Hàng

Product Code

Kích Thước

DN50 – DN150
Size Range

Tiêu Chuẩn Thiết Kế

BS 5155 
API 609
Design Standard

Khoảng Cách Giữa 2 Mặt Bích

BS EN 558-1 TABLE 1 SERIES 20 
BS 5155 
ISO 5752 Table 1 Series 20 
ASME B16.10 
API 609
Mounting Flange ISO 5211
Face To Face Standard

Tiêu Chuẩn Mặt Bích/Kết Nối

BS EN 1092-2: PN10/PN16 ISO 7005-2: PN10/PN16 JIS B2220: JIS 10K/16K
Connection/Flange Standard

Môi Trường Làm Việc

Nước sạch, nước thải, Dầu khí, Hóa Chất, Nhà Máy Điện, Công Nghiệp
Working Flow

Principle of operation:

– When the valve is closed (the valve opening angle is 0 °), the valve leaf will completely stop the flow in the pipe and when the valve is fully opened (the valve opening angle is 90 °), the valve leaf will lie parallel to the flow. , the maximum flow of pipes in pipelines

– In addition, we can open the valve leaf at different opening angles to regulate the flow, but the manufacturer recommends that opening the valve leaf below 90 ° will reduce the life of the valve.

Structure drawing of butterfly valve manipulating Shin Yi


– Quick opening and closing operation by means of the lever only through the torque of the hand.

– Valves are made from cast iron FCD450 cast iron, stainless steel CF8 / CF8M, EPDM rubber for durability, rust protection and safety for clean water.

– Cheap price, light weight, compact design, can be installed in many directions, less space when installing.

Note when installing:

The manual butterfly valve is installed into the clamping system, so when installing, please note the following points:

– Open the butterfly valve leaf at an opening angle about 1/4 before installation to avoid deformation of the rubber seal when tightened too tightly, which may cause the valve leaf or water leakage.

– The distance between two flanges must be just enough to install the valve, avoiding the gasket deformation.

– Do not use gaskets between flanges and valves.

– The flange size must be equal to the valve size.

– Do not weld flanges near installed butterfly valves.

– The valve can be installed flexibly in vertical or horizontal direction depending on usage.

You can download the Catalog of Shin Yi floating gate valves, Shin Yi submersible gate valves here:

catalog of Shin Yi manual butterfly valves


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