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Phnom Penh ❤️ Ho Chi Minh

square and rectangular steel

Rectangular & square steel

Bao Tin Steel is an importer and supplier of all kinds square and rectangular hollow steel, black, zinc, galvanized, large... in Hochiminh and Phnom Penh.
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thép tấm ss400 a36 q345b

Steel plate

We are supplier all of kind plate steel, material SS400, A36, Q345B… with thickness from 1mm to 50mm
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thép hình

Shape steel U I V H, Rail

We have shape steel U I V H, rail steel, angle bar, round bar, square bar, flat bar, chanel C Z. We're providing in Vietnam and Cambodia.
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ống hộp v inox

Stainless Steel

We are suppliet for stainless steel pipe 201 - 304 - 316, square & rectangular, shape U-V, stainless plate, stainless fittings in Vietnam & Cambodia
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We have all of kind for valves, like brass valve, cast iron valve, stainless steel valve, ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve
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fire fighting materials

Fire fighting materials

We provide fire fighting materials, fire valves, fire extinguishers, fire cabinets, control centers, sprinkler TYCO, Chungmei, Hochiki...
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phụ kiện ống thép FKK

Steel pipe fittings

Chúng tôi cung cấp đầy đủ các loại phụ kiện hàn, phụ kiện ren, mặt bích để nối hệ thống đường ống thép.
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steel pipe

Steel pipes

Steel pipe fittings: valves, contraction, fittings, flanges, rivets, galvanized thread fittings including Jianzhi threaded fittings and Siam thread-Thailand threaded fittings
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