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Guide to ensure fire safety, fire and explosion prevention in the home

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Why is it necessary to prevent gas explosion?

In every family nowadays, most of them use gas for cooking, because of its low cost and convenience. However, when used improperly, old gas, fake gas … there is a high risk of fire.

What should I do when a gas leak is detected?

What to do to prevent gas explosion?

1. Not leaving many flammable utensils and goods at the cooking place. Do not store gasoline, gas, flammable gas and flammable liquids in houses; in case of necessity to store, only store small quantities and keep them in separate areas.

2. Cars, motorbikes and other means with tools containing petrol, flammable liquids in houses must be far from cooking stoves and heat sources. Containers, petrol, oil … must be tight. Do not leave your car in the house to prevent cars from burning or toxic fumes when starting the engine.

3. Limit the use of wood, plastic sheets, foams, etc to wall, ceiling and partitions to limit the spread of fire.

4. Protective equipment must be installed for the common electrical system of the whole building, each floor, each branch and each electrical equipment that consumes large capacity of electricity, without leaving flammable goods near light bulbs, sockets, circuit breakers or seismic save neon lights. Do not place electric systems (wires, sockets, equipment) close to walls, floors, ceilings, walls being combustible materials.

5. When using irons, electric stoves and dryers, they must be supervised by children, must not let young children, the elderly with poor eyes, the disabled, the mentally disabled people use electric equipment.

6. Appropriate places of worship must be placed on the altars’ walls, the ceiling above the altar must be made of incombustible substances. Lights, incense, candles must be placed firmly on non-flammable objects, away from flammable objects and minimize votive papers, incense and candles placed on the altar. Only light candles, candles, or incense when an adult is watching. When burning votive papers to look after them, with cover to avoid spreading fires or being swept away by the fire, causing fire spread.

7. Cooking places must have partitions made of incombustible substances. If using a gas stove, measures must be taken to prevent rats from biting the gas piping. When cooking is complete, turn off the stove and close the gas exhaust valve.

8. Before leaving home and before going to bed, check places of cooking, places of worship, turn off unnecessary electrical equipment.

9. Do not install iron cages, iron nets in high-rise railings. In case of installation, there must be an internal locking door and not be locked. Get ready ladders, rope ladder to escape when a fire occurs.

10. Doors with multiple locks should use different types of key locks to be easy to distinguish when opening and specify where keys are easy to see and take. Doors in the house should use a latching type, should not use locks, still ensure anti-theft.

11. Families with young children, the elderly and disabled people must take appropriate measures to escape and rescue people and must not lock the doors of the above-mentioned persons.

12. Have your demolition equipment ready to create an escape route. Do not arrange objects that obstruct the way and emergency exit.

13. Every family should have an anticipated fire exit situation in order to safely escape when a fire occurs. Equipping water storage devices, buckets of water containers to serve both living and fire fighting, fire extinguishers and all people in the family must be proficient at using already equipped fire tools. .

14. When a fire occurs, try to give the fastest fire alarm to everyone around, call the 114 fire fighting police or the nearest civil guard, government, police, and use the means at the same time. to fight fire and escape according to the expected situation./.

If you need to install, design and execute a fire protection system for your home or apartment, please contact them for advice.

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