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FKK welding accessories catalogue (Japan)

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If you need of FKK welding accessories (Japan) and need a catalogue to submit to the investors, or research, please download here:

Click to download >>> Download Catalogue FKK welding accessories (Japan)

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FKK Vietnam – Furubayashi Kogyo Kabushikigaisya Vietnam has a parent company located a factory in Japan with a history of establishment and development since 1939.

Taking quality as the top, FKK’s reputation is produced by a team of experienced technicians with many years of research and development, serving as a foundation to found a factory in Vietnam since 2014.

The product is manufactured according to JIS B2311 / KS B 1522 standards, including:Elbows90o Elbows45o, Tees ,Reduced Tees, concentric reduction coupling, ETC (including black welding steel and galvanized welding) .

Full price list of FKK welding accessories (Japan), You can check here or send an inquiry via email: to receive price list and discount policy.

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