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trung tâm báo cháy 10 kênh

Fire alarm center 10 channels

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Fire alarm center 10 channels

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Fire alarm center 10 channels Horing, Model AH-00212 is a high quality product, Taiwanese brand, 12 month warranty.

Technical data

  • Brand: Horing
  • Manufacture: China
  • Uses: Integrating many functions, reducing false alarms caused by unstable electric pulses or abnormal signals.
  • Power supply: 220VAC / 50Hz
  • Battery voltage: 24VDC – 1.2Ah
  • Note: The product includes batteries.
  • Warranty 12 months

Fire fighting supplies Horing

Horing is a well-known brand in Taiwan that specializes in the design of high quality safety and protection products for many fire alarm systems including detectors, control panels, fire alarm components and many other products. . The addition of a modern production facility has enabled Horing to maintain quality assurance as it continues to expand worldwide. With distributors serving more than 50 countries, Horing has established a worldwide distribution network.

Horing has been in the Fire Alarm market for 35 years and has built a good reputation based on customer feedback. Horing constantly introduces new products to the market.

At present, Bao Tin FPF is supplying Horing products such as:

– Equipment and Tools for fire fighting Horing

– Bells, Horing Fire Alarm Lights

– Fire Detector, Horing Smoke Bottle

– Horing Fire Alarm Center

Selecting FPF materials at Bao Tin, you are guaranteed:

– Genuine goods with warranty

– Reasonable price

– Fast delivery within 24 hours

– Free consultation or call to order directly at hotline 0932 059 176


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