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Phnom Penh ❤️ Ho Chi Minh

Project: Cambodia National Stadium Morodok Techo

Morodok Techo Cambodia National Stadium (Khmer: កីឡដ្ឋានជាតិមរតកតេជោ, Keilâdthan Chéatĕ Ôrôtâk Téchoŭ). Is a football and athletics stadium in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The field is the main venue of the Morodok Techo National Sports Complex. Cambodia National Stadium is designed with a capacity of 60,000 seats, including facilities for: Football Athletics...
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Phnom Penh Safari Park Roof Parking Project

ក្In 2018 and 2019, Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd. was selected as a supplier of steel products and C Channel steel to design the roof of the parking lot of Phnom Penh Safari Zoo, located in Prek Tarn Village, Prek Ta Sek Commune, Chroy Changva District, Phnom Penh. Bao Tin...
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Son Hai seaweed

Provided steel pipe for water system to production of Son Hai seaweed

What steel pipes did we provide to Son Hai? At the end of 2016 and early 2017, Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd provided galvanized steel pipes for the construction of water system supply for the seaweed cartilage factory to serve the production of Carrageenan, supply water for domestic use officials...
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binh hung

Binh Hung wastewater treatment plant project

What materials did Bao Tin Steel provide to Binh Hung wastewater treatment plant? Binh Hung wastewater treatment plant is developed by Ho Chi Minh City Urban Drainage Company. Bao Tin Steel has been chosen as the main supplier of large-sized galvanized steel pipes, large-sized steels for construction of piping systems...
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