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Catalogue of brass valves MIHA MBV MI

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Which valve is produced by MIHA MBV MI threaded valve?

Minh Hoa is one of the rare companies directly manufacturing and assembling brass valves in Vietnam. Some brands of Minh Hoa include MIHA, MBV, MI, Tura …

Minh Hoa is a manufacturer of valves, taps and fittings made of brass, zinc-aluminium alloys and valves, plastic components, water flow meters, etc. for supply industries. water, gas,  petroleum and other supporting industries.

Faucet valve manufactured by Minh Hoa according to European technology, BS 5154: 1991 standard, water flow meter according to ISO 4064 standard, advanced production line with nearly 500 automatic and semi-automatic devices. New generation activities imported from Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China … are managed – operated by a team of skilled engineers and technical workers.

Where to buy brass valve MIHA MBV MI?

Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd specializes in supplying steel pipes and pipe fittings for construction of fire protection and fighting systems, water supply systems for daily life, sewage treatment, air, gas, gas systems. oil, gas …

Bao Tin Steel is a distributor of Minh Hoa valves in the South with the best price.

To refer to the products of brass valves made by Minh Hoa, you can download Catalog of MIHA-MBV-MI threaded brass valves here:

Catalogue copper valve thread Miha-Mbv-Mi (Minh Hoa)

If you want, you can refer to our price list here: Price list of copper valve Bao Tin Steel (Miha-Mbv-Mi)

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